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This page covers a lot of my interests from my blog about maritime military matters, through my thoughs on architicture and the built environent, photographs I have taken and my slightly sad passion for my gold MGF sports car.  I hope you find something to interest you here. I also appreciate your feedback.

DAN ENTWISLE is an award winning journalist and broadcaster.


He has spent the majority of his 20 year career working for Capital Radio Group and GMG Radio. In that time, he has held a number of roles including being a reporter, and desk editor.  In 2003 he was made military correspondent for Capital Radio Group – then the UK’s largest commercial radio broadcaster. His role was to provide analysis and facts on the fast-moving developments during the Iraq war.


Dan is based in Newcastle upon Tyne but his work has taken him from the Arctic Circle to the Falkland Islands and from Nevada to the Eastern Mediterranean.


In July 2010 Dan covered the hunt for Tyneside gunman Raoul Moat, and hosted a marathon live broadcast on Real Radio on the night Moat was cornered in Rothbury, Northumberland.  It was on that night that Dan, along with his co-host, conducted the now famous “Chicken and fishing rod” interview with the former England footballer Paul Gascoigne.  In 2011 Dan and the team he worked with on that night won Sony Gold, Bronze awards as well as an Arquiva award.


Away from journalism, Dan has worked closely with the British military and the armed forces of other NATO nations conducting media training for senior command teams.  He is the co—owner of a thriving art business, has a passion for sports cars and splits his time between his home in Tynemouth, and his beach house on the Solway coast in Galloway, Scotland.

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